Episode 0: Launch Party!



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Ok not that triumphant, but a return nonetheless!

In this “Episode 0” we are broadcasting to the world that the dream of Autofire Power Hour is not dead!  We discuss our reunion, plans and over all how exceedingly committed we are to utterly embarrassing ourselves with our love of video game history and lore!

Immediately after this post we will begin to unleash a HORDE (4 episodes) of content!  And we are dedicated (one bi-monthly session) to create endless content to please the masses!


AFPH – Quick Hits Episode 1: Nintendo NX

AFPH – Let’s Play Episode 1: Turbo Duo

AFPH – Quick Hits Episode 2: Double Dragon Master System

AFPH – Episode 3: Treasure 32bit

ENJOY!  And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!  Subscribe on iTunes!

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