Episode 48: RCF Wrap Up

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We have come to the end of our Retro City Festival coverage/content. Time for us to put our stuff in a hanky at the end of a stick and hit the road.

On today’s episode, Brian and Ray have a talk about genres they can’t really get into. Also hear about how Ray chose to spend his money as we go through his game haul from the show.

A major thank you to everybody who sat with us for an interview and came by our booth to say hello. Double major thanks to Steve/Retro City Festival for having us! Until next year… GAME OVER, YEEEEEAAAAHHH!!!!


2 thoughts on “Episode 48: RCF Wrap Up

  1. Hey guys cool seeing you at the Pomona festival! Kingsley was interviewed about breath of the wild, did he make it on any episode?

    • Hello! That was a super fun conversation. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the laptop hooked up at that time to record it. If I remember right we kind of jumped into it, even though it sounds like it’s recording in the headphones, it’s just producing an audio output that we then need to record via a laptop program. 😦 I’m so sorry, I would have loved to release that for Kingsley!

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